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LEXEMES is an open access journal of the Department of French, University of Regina, published once a year both in print and online at www.lexemes.net. The journal harnesses the power of internet access and collaboration to provide academics, scholars and graduate students an innovative platform for publication of original research. LEXEMES also provides experience to graduate students in all areas of the academic publishing process.

The purpose of LEXEMES is to stimulate and report premier-quality research on a wide range of language-related issues. The journal welcomes a broad array of research traditions and approaches in general and applied linguistics. Theoretical papers and papers based on empirical research, including field, survey, experimental research, case studies, qualitative research, diachronic and synchronic research, demonstration projects, simulations and other types of theoretical or applied linguistic analyses on both a domestic and international basis are acceptable for publication. Replications and expansions of previous work with new samples, and improved empirical measures and analyses are also welcome.


LEXEMES is an open access journal for which relevance to the development and tests of theory, to the advancement of practice, or to the support of evidence-based linguistic analyses is an important criterion for paper acceptance. To be accepted, papers must be well written in FRENCH or ENGLISH, demonstrate thoughtful and rigorous consideration of relevant issues, and be executed with technical competence. Occasional invited papers of particular topical significance, authored by established experts in their respective subject areas, may also be solicited. We expect papers of up to 7,500 words. Articles in, but not limited, to the following areas are suitable for publication:

  • French and francophone studies
  • Intercultural studies
  • Endangered languages, language preservation and documentation


The primary audience of the journal is academics, scholars, graduate students and language professionals, academic institutions and libraries with interest in the field of linguistics, sociolinguistics and applied linguistics.


Within most research-oriented programs of higher learning, there is an expectation among the faculty that graduate students should be involved in research leading to publication in scholarly journals. Although some graduate students are able to publish original research in the top journals in their fields, for most graduate students, there is little opportunity to serve as reviewers for journal articles, and editorial positions are always reserved for those with eminent scholarly credentials. LEXEMES is designed with the goal of providing experience in all aspects of the scholarly publishing process.